Miles Team

TAMPA, Florida

      – April 8th, 2015, Team MILES, announces the world’s first space-based satellite manufacturing system.


The preliminary design for the spacecraft is complete with an aim to manufacture a fully functional communications array in the depths of space. This spacecraft contains a revolutionary new propulsion system, the ConstantQ. The ConstantQ is a hybrid plasma/laser thruster propulsion system unmatched in performance, capable of 3500 m/s delta V, per Kg of fuel.


Capability as such far surpasses currents technologies, thus Team MILES is bringing the innovative concept to fruition by entering the NASA CubeQuest Challenge competition. NASA’s Centennial Challenges program will be awarding $5 million dollars in prizes to the winning teams that successfully complete missions set forth by the program.


Coupled with hundreds of thousands of simulations, the Team MILES systems design has already resulted in a mission plan that will allow them to compete in both the Lunar Derby and Deep Space Derby contests in the NASA CubeQuest Challenge.


The ConstantQ system that Team MILES has developed brings upon a paradigm shift in space propulsion. The eco-friendly fuel source along with advanced methods of sublimation and thrust control will allow for faster, more advanced, cost-efficient spacecraft propulsion. The spacecraft is not only operational in low-earth orbit but its performance extends for uncharted exploration in our solar system and beyond.


Team MILES is currently working on broadening other aspects of this premiere spacecraft’s mission capabilities including remote-sensing, advanced deep-space communications and a navigation system capable of encounters with NEO’s (Near Earth Objects) including asteroids that come perilously close to the Earth. The data gathered from such a rendezvous will provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge to the science community, paving a new path for reconnaissance.


The goal for Team MILES in entering the NASA CubeQuest challenge is to bring awareness to the ConstantQ technology as the impact of this cutting-edge space-based manufacturing system will pioneer more powerful and economical means for deep space exploration.

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