Tonight is going to be an active night for astronomy! We see the peak of the Taurids Meteor shower and the comet PANSTARRS C/2013 P4 will be at its closest to Earth during its orbit! Those with an eye for the skies are in for a treat tonight!

The Taurid Meteor Shower is active during the winter months between October 12th to December 2nd. Tonight it will be at its peak with an average of 7 meteors per hour. Named after its observation towards the constellation Taurus, the Taurid meteor shower is an older field of meteors which has been observed as far back as 1896.

Meanwhile, the comet PANSTARRS C/2013 P4 will be at it’s closest distance to Earth. The comet comes around every 56 years and will be at a distance of 5.451 AU. For more details on its trajectory and celestial location, more info on NASA’s site

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