We just wrapped up our trip to SmallSat in Logan, Utah. It was a really amazing conference with a lot of technology and awesome people.

The decision to go was made at the last minute and there were no available rooms within an hour of the conference. Fortunately, there was another option to driving 2 hours each day.

Wagon Train to the Stars -Conestoga Ranch

Credit: Conestoga Ranch

Yes, that’s right. We attended a high technology conference and slept in a wagon at the Conestoga Ranch. Click on the image above for a larger resolution image, and be sure to check out that sky!

Several of us on the team are fans of Star Trek and a couple of us older guys remember that Gene Rodenberry originally pitched Star Trek (The Original Show) to the networks as “Wagon Train to the Stars”. In fact, that was almost the title of the show. He pitched that way, due to the fact that “Wagon Train” was one of the top television shows at the time.

Our team leader grabbed some amazing photo’s during the trip, both travelling through the majestic landscape of Utah and the awesome technology on display at SmallSat.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things there. We’ll post more detailed information soon.

CubeSat baloon launches up to 100,000 feet!

CubeSat baloon launches up to 100,000 feet!

NASA's ion propulsion satellite.

NASA’s ion propulsion satellite.

Some 3D printed components by NASA.

Some 3D printed components by NASA.

Overall, a very rewarding trip in many ways. Thank you again to all of our valued partners (Brainloop Inc.Yosemite SpacePiedmont Precision AerocultureThe DRI), especially Fluid & Reason, LLC.

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