TAMPA, FL, July 1, 2016 – Team Miles, a collection of citizen scientist around the United States, is currently crowdfunding a $30,000 campaign on Kickstarter to fund ongoing R&D for their novel CubeSat design. The money raised will be used to further develop a new plasma propulsion system. Every backer will have their name etched on the CubeSat for a journey to the Moon and beyond.

Team Miles is a leading competitor in the NASA Cube Quest Challenge. The challenge offers $5.5 million in prizes for teams and will provide launch services on the 2018 NASA SLS-EM1 mission for the top three teams. They are one of six teams eligible for a ride on the SLS.

Team Miles is the only non-university team to place and earn prizes in the first two rounds of competition. As a team of citizen scientists and engineers, they came together initially through Tampa Hackerspace (, a community, non-profit workshop. The team expanded with experts in radiation, communications, software development, and project management.

The NASA Cube Quest Challenge is a competition to build space-ready, small satellites capable of advanced communication and propulsion near and beyond the moon. Teams strive for high-speed data communications, navigation, and survival in lunar orbit or deep space, competing for an unprecedented $5.5 million prize purse in NASA’s first ever in-space challenge. Cube Quest is part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program which accelerates technology by engaging non-traditional sources in competition.

The Miles spacecraft is a 6U satellite, about the size of a breadbox, that will be capable of navigating to the Moon, establishing Lunar orbit, conducting its mission, and then navigating to a final orbit near Mars. The entire mission will be flown autonomously by a sophisticated onboard computer system and powered by evolutionary plasma thrusters. If successful, it will be the first private spacecraft to establish orbit around the Moon.

The team’s efforts have also been supported by strategic partnerships with Fluid and Reason, Yosemite Space, The DRI, Piedmont Precision Aeroculture, Brainloop, Basecamp, Thermal Management Technologies, and Sabalcore.

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