We have an exciting post this week! Team Miles will be launching on Kickstarter June 30, 2016! It has been almost a year and change since we first started working on our satellite for the NASA Cube Quest Challenge. We came together and grew our family out of different communities and different geographies of citizen scientists and tinkerers. Up until this point, we have been funded through the personal generosity of our members and sponsors and the two rounds of prize money to date.

Recently, the intellectual property in thruster technology and communications technology has resulted in Team Miles obtaining several promising opportunities for fully funded sponsorship. However, let us not count that for certain until the checks land in the bank and that could take some time.  This is the very reason for our Kickstarter! We have reached such an advanced state, that we need to start purchasing and paying for a multitude of professional testing facilities’ services.

Prize: Attending Miles Testing!

Prize: Attending Miles Testing!

We are offering a neat array of prizes with space-y award level names to make you give us money for the mentioned testing. I, personally, have decked out all of my laptops and tablets with our slickers and have a patch on the backpack that actually sees a lot of travel time around NYC. I even will be contributing to get a spacecraft model as commemorative decor for my apartment. Stacks and stacks of indiscernible power system and solar panel detail pages don’t exactly make for a very good show piece or conversation starter with the non-space enthusiast.

Be sure to jump in and get the early bird award categories for the incredible 20% discounts! As for the more expansive prize opportunities, I have traveled to Massachusetts, Atlanta, and Florida to test with our team’s engineering experts and it is a blast! I hope to see one of you lucky readers at the next testing opportunity! It is such an incredible learning opportunity even if I am only observing our knowledge specialists in their element.

Please, join us June 30th for the launch of our Kickstarter! If you sign up for our Thunderclap before the launch, the first 1000 people you will get your name laser engraved on Miles for free! Spread the word and we hope to be mailing you rewards and our thanks in the near future!


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