Miles Space Reveals Latest Thruster Design at 2016 Smallsat Conference

Miles Space, in partnership with Fluid and Reason, LLC, introduced their latest quad-H ion thruster design for cube sat propulsion. This design efficiently provides an unprecedented amount of thrust and delta-V for cubesats as small as 1U. It enables a number of critical on orbit services such as refueling, orbital repositioning, orbital debris clean up, on demand imaging. The thruster technology reduces operational costs for clients in LEO, GEO and MEO orbits.

With the increased commercialization of space, the global market has been projected to grow to $5.32 billion annually by 2021. By 2018, 70% of satellites under 50KG in mass will be launched for commercial interests. These numbers, although substantial, are actually constrained by a lack of launch capacity worldwide. By employing these services, existing in-space assets can have their missions extended at a fraction of the cost of launching new satellites.

Using current technology, company’s providing these services could reduce costs by 40% per operation.

About SmallSat
The 30th Annual AIAA/USU Conference On Small Satellites has been a place where innovators, engineers, problem solvers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike have come together to challenge what we know and push the bounds of what can be done. These pioneers have created a space industry where small satellites make big contributions.

Each year, SmallSat attendees share their successes and lessons learned, demonstrate capabilities, network, and mentor the next generation. These crucial interactions have ignited imaginations, paving the way for small satellites to perform missions that few thought possible. The 30th Annual Small Satellite Conference will celebrate the industry’s tremendous achievements, while continuing to inspire ingenuity for future military, civilian, and commercial missions.

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