[Tampa, FLORIDA] – Sep 10, 2015 – After the first segment of the competition, Team Miles won first place in Ground Tournament 1 of the NASA Cube Quest Challenge. Instrumental to this victory were the long hours put in by the team and the support and resources of a few key partners. The team would like to extend a big thank you to the partners: Fluid and Reason, LLC, Brainloop, Yosemite Space, Basecamp, DRI IT Solutions, and Piedmont Precision Aeroculture, for their invaluable support in this contest.

The NASA Cube Quest Challenge is a competition to build flight-qualified, small satellites capable of advanced communication and propulsion near and beyond the moon. Teams that achieve top performance at high-speed data communications, navigation and survival after achieving lunar orbit or a minimum long-distance range from Earth compete for an unprecedented $5.5 million prize purse in NASA’s first ever in-space challenge. Cube Quest is part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program which accelerates technology by engaging non-traditional sources in competition.

The winning teams were formally recognized Wednesday, Sept. 9, during a media teleconference where there was also an opportunity for the media to interact with teams and challenge personnel.
For a full list of all of the winners in NASA Cube Quest Challenge Ground Tournament Round 1, visit:

About Team Miles
Team Miles is a group of citizen scientists focused upon low cost space exploration. Team members stretch from coast to coast, though a majority can be found at the Tampa Hackerspace in Florida. For more information, please visit: https://team.miles-space.com/

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