Team Miles is proud to announce that with a successful presentation given on Tuesday, Ground Tournament 1 for the NASA CubeQuest Challenge is in the books.  We had a lot of great questions from the judges asking about the engine, several of our upcoming flights, the detailed planning we’ve done (50+ pages of TODO items), and loving our responses for the media questionnaire. One judge even noted “I’ve never seen so much redundancy on a small satellite. Why?” The answer, “Bottom line, because this is a competition.”  Yeah… we’re a bit proud of that one.

Some questions we’ve been getting from our friends, family, and fans that we will take some time to answer now:

  1. You wrote how many pages of scientific-engineering mumbo jumbo? Our GT1 Submittal was over 200 pages.
  2. So, how big is Miles going to be? The craft’s total mass will be less than 14kg (FYI, that’s due to a NASA mandated margin)
  3. What’s in it? Oh, you want our secret sauce… well, we can’t do that just yet, but here’s the highlights:
    1. multiple thrusters
    2. multiple CPUs
    3. multiple star trackers
    4. multiple power boards
    5. multiple batteries
    6. [small] roll of duct tape…
  4. Rumor has it that you are headed to the moon, yes? 60 days… the number of days we plan to be in lunar orbit. Oh and guess what, we only experience one eclipse during the entire mission… Our flight plan, it’s like magic!
  5. Where are you parking Miles when you are done with the competition, it’s not like it’s a car? We’re going to be parking Miles in an Earth/Mars storage orbit. What’s that mean? Hold on, let me Google that for you.

Enough of the questions, when can we see it?!?!? Stay Tuned… more to come!

Team Miles Photo

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