Top Finisher! – Milestone Date 2/3/2016

To evaluate plans and designs to meet Challenge Goals, Rules and Interface Requirements.  To determine if the integrated design is appropriately mature to continue with final designs and fabrication.

Communication Goals

  • Farthest Deep Space Communication
  • Error-free, burst data rate
  • Error-free, 28-day aggregate data volume

Orbit / Distance Goals

  • Lunar Orbit
  • Deep Space


  • Communications
  • Orbital maintenance
  • Actuators and Mechanisms
  • Testing Approach
  • Radiation Mitigation Approach
  • Fault Tolerance Approach
  • Battery Depth of Discharge
  • Leaks in Pressurized Systems

Systems Design Maturity Relative to Ground Tournament

  • Technical Risk based on Margin Management
  • System Design and Maturity
  • Mission Operations and Ground Segment Design
  • SW Design
  • Radio Frequency Authorization Package

SLS SPDS IDRD requirements

Completion of Phase I Safety Review & Hazard Report

Completion of Payload Unique ICD

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