Awarded 1st Place!

Milestone Date 8/3/2015

Evaluate the mission architecture and concepts to meet Challenge Goals and evaluate plans to meet Rules and Interface Requirements.

Communication Goals

  • Farthest Deep Space Communication
  • Error-free, burst data rate
  • Error-free, 28-day aggregate data volume

Orbit / Distance Goals

  • Lunar Orbit
  • Deep Space


  • Communications
  • Orbital maintenance
  • Actuators and Mechanisms
  • Testing Approach
  • Radiation Mitigation Approach
  • Fault Tolerance Approach
  • Battery Depth of Discharge
  • Leaks in Pressurized Systems

Systems Design Maturity Relative to Ground Tournament

  • Technical Risk based on Margin Management
  • System Design and Maturity
  • Mission Operations and Ground Segment Design
  • SW Design
  • Radio Frequency Authorization Package
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